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The Winery

A story which started more than a century ago in a small house in Selargius, Sardinia.

This is a story which started more than a century ago, in 1898, in a small house in Selargius, near Cagliari: Meloni house. The founder, Pietro Meloni, put all his love into handing down his passion for the earth, for farming and for good wines to his son Efisio, until that house was transformed into one of the more important wineries in Italy. But, to become immortal, every story needs a new person who continues to write it.
From Efisio on, there were 3 generations that followed him and over the course of the years the family farm expanded according to precise criteria which allowed each individual type of grape to grow in its ideal environment. Efisio Meloni took a path, he chose a line to follow, while at that time no one could have imagined that that path would have forever marked the future of the winery.
The children Franco and Alfredo, Giampiero and Marcello, Giancarlo and Rossella found themselves in front of a really fertile land to cultivate: the family tradition.

The link to their past had become a value of life, a responsibility to progress with the same passion handed down by Pietro. Efisio’s children dedicated themselves to their work, paying attention to, and with the typical care for perfection of craftsmen.
That’s how they felt: real craftsmen of the land and of the vines.Only the deep devotion for every small detail could guarantee the high quality that others, in the past, wholeheartedly sought and found.
The experience of previous generations was a treasure to protect, look after and hand down. The future arrived without knocking and Meloni family knew how to receive it with courage and awareness, introducing innovative techniques to work the must and the wine, with the goal of bringing the winery to eliminate chemical additives, avoiding pasteurization and limiting the use of sulphur dioxide.
This philosophy, safeguarded with passion and hard work, eventually led to the organic challenge and Meloni Vini was one of the first Italian companies to confront it.

On the threshold of the 100th anniversary of the foundation, Meloni Vini was getting ready to become the biggest organic winery in the country and in 1995 the 200 hectares of vines became completely organic, certificated by ICEA (Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute). In this way, the passion, the experience of the past, and the look always towards the future united together. What Efisio had always dreamed of for his children and his wines came true.Small plants with a few bunches, green manure rather than synthetic fertilizers, weed control without using herbicides, but by conservation tillage, the defence against parasites using exclusively copper and sulphur, technique of sexual disorientation instead of insecticides, organically certified raw materials, doses of sulphur dioxide reduced by a third in the vines, and finally the exclusive use of wood barrels and stainless steel tanks to store wines. All this led to the production of top quality organic wines internationally and repeatedly awarded and recognized. A rich collection of prizes can be admired today on the walls of winery’s halls in Selargius, where everything that was born and still lives and grows.