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Our Vineyard

Lands where Nature can express itself undisturbed and increases the typicality: here are our vineyards.

A good vine variety produces good wines. But for us this is not enough. Selecting the most adapted areas, regarding soil, exposition and microclimate, is essential. For this reason we selected different lands for our different vines. Only in this way each vine variety can show its own qualities and gift its unique typicality.

SANTA ROSA ESTATE. Sunny countryside near Selargius, with sandy light sloping terrains, dry and rugged. Here our dessert wines have their origins.

CAMPU PIRASTU ESTATE. Sweet hills which surround Senorbi, with a mild climate and soils rich in minerals. Our whites wines come from here.

SIMBIRIZZI ESTATE. The vines cultivated in Simbiritzi area, near the artificial lake of the same name, give life to grapes allocated for the Vermentino Spumante Brut, an unique sparkling wine: salty, mineral and properly acid.

SU DANIELI ESTATE. Sun and wind live together on the plain of Decimomannu where the Fattorie Su Danieli are located. Pebbly and dry soil, ideal to preserve bunches from illnesses, which are highly probable in damper lands. There are produced the grapes for our big red wines, from IGT to Monica and to Cannonau di Sardegna.

In our vineyards tradition merges with modernity, science mixes with intuition in a continuous research for new methods to fight vines’ diseases, to improve the use and management of the scarce water resources and to fertilize naturally.

The organic cultivation, practised in the entirety of our vines has the production of respect of the earth, the farmer and the consumer as its mission. All essential conditions for a sustainable production. It’s also important to avoid deep or frequent works on the earth. Together with attention, if it’s true that on one side the production is reduced, on the other it allows us to obtain products which are even more in balance with nature and by virtue of the lower quantity enriches the persistent smells and aromas. During the harvest time, our laboratory and oenologists’ work is even more delicate: they must choose the best moment to collect the different grapes, considering the perfect balance between sugars and acidity, colour intensity and tannins, in function of each wine to be produced; decisions to be taken in just a few days.The harvest is also this: quickly making the right decisions and being able to put them into practice immediately, because today we are preparing the work for the years to come.